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Photo by Tom McConnell  


“Musical and responsive, he never fails to swing.” — New York Post

“With ... deliciously show-off drumming leading the way, the Basie outfit certified the vitality and inventiveness still present in the big jazz band format.” — Los Angeles Times

“A monster swinger and a tremendous soloist, Butch rose to fame behind the drums of the Count Basie band between 1975 and 1979, propelling the band to new heights with his unending energy and infectious enthusiasm.”— The March of Jazz

“... Enthusiastic, visually exciting style of drumming ...”— Los Angeles Times

“Butch Miles, a drummer whose performance ... was exceptional – precision timing, clean drumming, and a grin on his face.” — Detroit News

“As the consummate drummer, Miles stands at the top of his profession.” — Decatur Sentinel

“Miles will probably be the next Buddy Rich, the future Krupa.” (Review of Monterrey Jazz Festival) — Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Drummer Butch Miles was flamboyant and flashy but impeccably precise and brilliantly swinging.” — Washington Post

“His stick work was exquisite in its intricacy, his range of effects dazzling.” — Rockford Register Star

“Miles’ percussion solo was so completely overpowering that the crowd could only roar. And cheer. And stomp their feet.”— Edmonton Sun

“Butch Miles, a monster of a swinger and a tremendous soloist.”— Kansas City Times

“Butch Miles ... has adapted his lavish and extroverted big-band drumming to the subtleties of a foursome. He built a solo ... both a tour de force and a model of structure.” — Baltimore Sun

“Butch Miles retains the fire and flash ... but he’s also paying careful attention to dynamics. “ — New York Times

“Butch Miles is quite stunning. His rhythmic audacity and dynamic control were a total joy; his playing always possessed the right amount of weight. After his solo ... he had the audience fairly jumping with delight.” — Christchurch Times (Australia)

“I have never seen (and I probably never will again) anyone like the drummer, Butch Miles. He was beyond description and his solo performance brought the first standing ovation of the evening.” — Townsville Daily Bulletin (Australia)

“Miles ... is one of the best, and his crisp brushwork ... is almost worth the price of itself.” — Cashbox

“Butch Miles is flashy, eruptive and yet entirely tasteful.”— Philadelphia Bulletin

“The group was joined by Butch Miles. His added lift and propulsiveness galvanized everyone on stage.” — New York Post

“The man is a virtuoso, no doubt about it.” — Richmond Times Dispatch

“A drummer of remarkable physical capabilities who punished the drums often, he also showed deft timing and a silken touch at critical moments. He is the perfect Basie drummer, one with an unerring sense of rhythm and the finesse that comes with experience. Such a good drummer was he that the long solo he played to end up the evening seemed to be warranted after the fine work he’d done all evening.” — Louisville Courier-Journal

“Miles enhances every lick. He can bring out the best in any band and it’s sensational to have him back where he belongs.”— New York Post

“The guy is merely the most exciting, talented drum find since, maybe, Buddy Rich.” — Mel Torme